Spring League 2023

28th April 2023

Although our standard policy for weather cancelled games is to distribute 1 point each to both the teams

Given the forecast of heavy rains all weekend and based on the current schedule where multiple matches will happen consecutively for the same teams,to mitigate this in good faith, without setting precedence for future leagues as a one time exception the committee has decided to provide the below flexibility.

Teams have to make every effort to conduct their matches as per the existing schedule

If due to unavoidable circumstances matches are called off between start and end of Spring League

  1. Teams can utilize the Brooklyn Cricket ground on weekdays (Monday-Friday) on a first come first serve basis to redo their matches (provided there is availability)
  2. Or teams can utilise the Jeffrey Cricket ground on Saturdays (between 12- 8pm) or Mondays (6-8 pm) on a first come first serve basis to redo their matches (provided there is availability)


  1. Rescheduling matches and co-ordinating with captains and players will be up to the relevant teams, the committee members are not responsible or available to help in any capacity to make any of these activities happen.
  2. We also do not provide any guarantees that there will be a rescheduled slot for every washed out match.
  3. If the rainout match between the two teams is not held, match will be considered a washout and one point will be distributed to each team
  4. We will not entertain any requests for moving any washed out games in the future citing this one time exception
  5. Reserve day is only for  finals and not for other league matches